The best screen protectors for iPhone 14: prevent scratches!

Don’t want any scratches on the screen of your brand new iPhone 14? A screen protector ensures that your screen still looks like new after a year of use. In this guide, you will find some good iPhone 14 screen protectors.

iPhone 14 screen protector: which one?

Of course you want to keep your new iPhone as beautiful as possible. A scratch just happened. You can prevent this with a screen protector, where you can choose from a plastic foil or a thin layer of glass. Both also absorb a blow, so your screen doesn’t shatter immediately when dropped.

iphone screen protectors

Sticking a screen protector is still an art in itself, but if you sit quietly in front of it, it should work. A glass screen protector is usually a bit more expensive. These often consist of several layers, including a layer of tempered glass. And they are virtually invisible, at least if you stick them on properly.

  • PanzerGlass
  • Belkin
  • Glass
  • otter box
  • InvisibleShield
  • Spigen
  • BlueBuilt
  • Camera protection
  • Cheap screen protectors

In addition to the brands mentioned, you can also find many unbranded and cheap screen protectors.

PanzerGlass for iPhone 14

Bi PanzerGlass offers you a choice of three product lines: the Classic Fit and the Ultra-Wide Fit, which is slightly wider. Both are made of a thin layer of extremely strong glass and they can be used in combination with a case. The screen protectors are very transparent and do not affect the sensitivity of the touchscreen. In addition, these screen protectors kill 99% of the most common bacteria on glass, so your iPhone is always fresh and shows fewer fingerprints. PanzerGlass is available at many stores, including Appelhoes, Coolblue, and MediaMarkt.

PanzerGlass for iPhone 14

In addition, PanzerGlass also has special privacy screen protectors, which prevent someone from watching your screen. You can only read everything if you look straight at the screen.

Belkin Protective Film for iPhone 14

The Apple Store sells screen protectors from Belkin and sticks them on right away. For the iPhone 14 Pro, there’s the Belkin Ultraglass Protective Film ( €39.95 ), which is up to twice as strong as a tempered glass protective film. This is done by a chemical process involving dual ion exchange. The material is lithium aluminum silicate, which is super strong, flexible, and, according to the manufacturer, unprecedented scratch-resistant. Thanks to this foil, your iPhone is protected against a fall of twice as high as a normal foil, made of regular tempered glass of aluminum silicate. You can still operate the touchscreen. You can have this film applied at the Apple Store, but you also get an Easy Align frame with it to get started yourself.

Belkin Protective Film for iPhone 14

Belkin also has an Ultraglass protective film for the iPhone 14 ( €39.95 ), which is also suitable for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro. This one is made from the same technology. Of course, you need a completely different 6.7-inch Ultraglass protective film for the iPhone 14 Plus ( also €39.95 ), which also fits the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

In addition, there is the Belkin Tempered glass screen protector. It is also easy to install thanks to the included Easy Align tool. The screen protector is made of tempered glass (hardness 9H) and protects your iPhone well, without it getting in the way. It has a special coating to allow 99% fewer bacteria on your screen. You can use it in combination with a case.

Glass screen protector for iPhone 14

Glass is the house brand of Appelhoes and offers an excellent screen protector for a very reasonable price. You also get an applicator and a positioning aid, so you can align it better. With the included tool that inserts into the Lightning connector of your iPhone, you ensure that the glass is in exactly the right place. All you have to do is peel off the foil and stick it on your screen. There is a special instructional video that explains it again.

Otterbox screen protector for iPhone 14

In the Apple Store, you will find the OtterBox Amplify Glass Glare Guard for all iPhone models. This is an anti-reflective protective film that protects the display from drops, scratches and bumps. With this screen protector, you can still see the screen well in bright light. You can then lower the brightness of the display, which is also good for the battery. The glass itself is very strong and resistant to scratches and bumps.

These Amplify screen protectors are ‘exclusive to Apple’, but you can of course also find the OtterBox screen protectors at other stores. The Otterbox Anti-Glare Screen Protector Glass also has anti-reflective properties but is a lot cheaper. And thanks to the antibacterial layer, your screen stays clean for longer.
Glass protects well against scratches and cracks.

As with all glass screen protectors, the glass can break with a hard blow, after which you have to replace it. But the screen protector has optimally protected the display of your iPhone. Other variants that you may encounter are the Otterbox Alpha screen protector and the Trusted Glass screen protector. These are all a bit cheaper than the ones you find at Apple. You can combine this screen protector with iPhone 14 case from Otterbox, but of course, it can also be a case from any other brand.

InvisibleShield iPhone 14 screen protectors

With this manufacturer, you can choose from several screen protectors for the iPhone 14. They vary in price from 35 to 40 euros. For example, you can opt for the InvisibleShield Glass Elite screen protector made of glass with a high degree of protection. There is also a version with VisionGuard film that filters blue light and a version with a privacy filter if you do not want anyone to watch.

The most durable option is the InvisibleShield Ultra Eco Screen Protector in the photo above, but keep in mind that it is made of plastic (not glass). This screen protector is a better choice for the environment because it is made from plant materials that are biodegradable. An antibacterial layer prevents bacteria from sticking to your screen. And with the included installation template, you can stick this screen protector nicely straight and without bubbles on your screen. If you buy this screen protector, a tree will also be planted.

Spigen screen protectors for iPhone 14

At Spigen you can buy a separate glass screen protector, or you will receive it with a case. That way you’re done in one go. This screen protector is very cheap: you get two pieces for around €15. So if the application fails or if the screen protector itself is damaged, you always have a spare on hand. The product is made of tempered glass, so you don’t lose the feeling of your glass display. In the packaging, you will also find a tool for good sticking.

If you want more extensive protection, there is also the Spigen Crystal Pack ( €35 ), consisting of a transparent cover for the back and a screen protector for the front.

Blue built iPhone 14 screen protector

Blue built is Coolblue ‘s own brand. In itself, this screen protector does not even seem that cheap ( €20 each ), but you can also immediately take a double pack ( €30 for two pieces ) and the price is still quite reasonable. You will receive a microfibre cloth, cleaning cloth, sticker to remove dust and installation stickers to make the application as successful as possible. This screen protector is made of glass and has a special layer to prevent fingerprints.

Bluebuilt iPhone 14 screen protector

Camera protection for iPhone 14

If you need protection for the camera, there are also protectors for that. We discuss the offerings of iMoshion and Tech Protection here. The iMoshion camera protector ( €8,- ) comes in a pack of two. The protector is made of glass and protects your camera lenses against dirt and scratches. It is thin and transparent, so the quality of the photos remains the same. Connects seamlessly to the lens and is easy to apply.

Camera protection for iPhone 14

At Tech Protection you will find special rings ( €15 ) that you can stick around the camera lenses, but you can also opt for a camera protector such as those from iMoshion ( €12 ). An alternative is this one from Ringke (€15) in a double pack.

Cheap screen protectors for iPhone 14

If you are looking for a cheap screen protector, you will find unbranded products at Amazon, and AliExpress. Prefer a private label? Then Glaasie might be something for you. We discussed this brand above.

Or look at this:

  • ESR at Appelhoes
  • JETech at Amazon
  • XQUISIT at Coolblue
  • Striker Nano Protection at
  • Selencia at Smartphone cases
  • Accezz at Smartphone cases

Are you also looking for a matching iPhone 14 case? We have made a round-up of protective cases that are already available. And if you have the Pro model, we also have an overview of iPhone 14 Pro cases . Still looking for a new iPhone? 

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