iMovie: what is it and what can you do with it?

iMovie is a free app from Apple that makes it easy to make videos or movies. With the app you can create a professional looking video by following a few simple steps. It is therefore definitely worth testing out iMovie and making your own movie.

What is iMovie?

iMovie is a program that allows you to edit videos. The program has been specially developed for consumers, so you don’t need any experience with editing videos. You can put together a nice video with a few cuts and pastes.

IMovieThe great thing about iMovie is that in addition to being user-friendly, it offers many features that advanced editing programs such as Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro also have. This makes iMovie an extremely suitable program to use if you want to put together a nice video or film yourself. You can run iMovie on your iMac , MacBook , iPad or iPhone; although we recommend creating your iMovie projects on a device with a slightly larger screen (not an iPhone).

What can you do with iMovie?

When you start iMovie you can create a new project to start editing a video. When creating a project, you get to choose from two options for making a video. You can choose from a trailer or a movie.What can you do with iMovie

Create a trailer with iMovie

With trailers you can think of the short previews of upcoming films that you see in the cinema before the start of the film. If you choose to make a trailer, iMovie has many different designs that you can use for your trailer. With this option you give your movie a theme and it contains options such as credits and theme music. This feature could come in handy if you want to present your project in an original way or if you just want to have a night of fun editing videos.

Making a movie with iMovie

Making a movie with iMovieWhen choosing a film, you have full control over the combination of videos, photos and music to make your own film as desired. For example, you could make a nice aftermovie of all the photos and videos you took with your iPhone on your vacation. You can edit this video to your own taste by adding different music, lyrics and effects.

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