1970 Dodge Charger Occasions

Dodge is a brand that is mainly known in America as a manufacturer of the popular pick-up trucks, but in the European market, the brand has made more names with the legendary muscle cars. These sports cars were later put into production and were mainly intended to appeal to the younger generation of drivers. The brand, under the leadership of Chrysler, has certainly succeeded in this. The Dodge Charger’s adventure began in the 1960s. This coupé was developed for, as the manufacturer itself stated, the rebellious target group. This can certainly be seen in the sturdy, contemporary, and powerful design.

1970 Dodge Charger

Competition in the market

Musclecars were certainly not only marketed by Dodge. After the appearance of the first in this self-proclaimed category, more soon followed, so that other brands with a similar car could also benefit from the success. Eventually, the muscle car market had a quartet competing for the younger drivers. These models can of course be found second-hand via GasPedaal.nl, although they are certainly not offered regularly or in large numbers. These are models from half a century ago. We are talking about the second-hand Pontiac Firebird, the used Chevrolet Camaro, and the Ford USA Mustang occasions, of course, supplemented with the second-hand Dodge Charger.

Many converted models

The sporty character of the Dodge Charger soon demanded even more extremity on the market. The buyers of the models eventually made a sport of tuning the car as far and as well as possible. This means that second-hand Dodge Chargers are often no longer completely original, although many have also been restored to their original state. The first generation of pre-owned Dodge Charger models, the versions up to 1972, are official classic cars.

Younger pre-owned Dodge Charger models

After the first generation, the production of the Dodge Charger has certainly not stopped. In the eighties, a new twist was given to the model. This one became more compact. The used Dodge Omni and the used Dodge Charger Shelby also come from this period. In the nineties, we don’t see a lot of news when it comes to the Dodge Charger, but in 2005 a new edition was presented. This used Dodge Charger is completely different and is more reminiscent of a successor to the used Chrysler 300C. These models have a power of no less than 431 hp.

More Dodge Charger models

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